Our mission is:

To create and discover new innovative treatments, to cure and help people, to live a healthy, happy life.

Healthcare segments

ImuneksFarma has 3 healthcare segments:


  • İmuneks Farma portfolio has an ever growing range of products in the fields of  ;  immunology, Ear Nose and Throat, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics and PT. We only bring to the market products with unique benefits to the patients. İf we are not developping it ourselves, we have partnerships all over the world to bring to the market the best OTC product in their respective fields.

Pharma (RX):

  • Developping new super generics(value added generics) with established compounds with added benefits. Such as: ease of use, increased efficiency and diminished side effects.


  • With more than 5 original pharmaceutical treatments and 5 unique OTC products in it’s pipe line. 2 internationally approved patents and a portfolio of new patent applications in different indications; İmuneks Farma  is always looking for new  and improved ways to treat and cure.


With a broad range of people coming from international pharma companies as well as established generic companies, İmuneks Farma entails a group of experienced and dynamic people that have proved themselves in their respective fields. Whether in R&D or in our sales team, we always abide by ethical codes of conduct and try to make a difference as a team.

Company History

Established by the Ex-owners of MN Pharmaceuticals(The only company with FDA approved products in Turkey) that was sold AMGEN in 2012. Imuneks Farma now owns one of the largest OTC brands in Turkey;  and reinvests in the future through R&D.